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A - A place for students to write silly notes to their friends and acquaintances on the last day of school.

B - A record of the clubs, teams, activities and events of any given school year

C - One of the few books most people will keep for the rest of their lives.

D - A historical document for thousands of people who were involved with our school in any given year.

E - A lot of work, with inflexible deadlines and (at times) impossible workloads.

F - All of the above

If you answered F, you are on the right track. Yearbook is all of that, and so much more. Besides documenting the school year in all its aspects, the yearbook should also represent current fashions, trends and sentiments, reflect the mood and spirit of the school, and most of all be inclusive, fair, and balanced in the way it represents ALL students,regardless of age, race, language or popularity.

These are the goals we set ourselves each year. While these are very important, we also have to make sure the yearbook is fresh, interesting, fun and unique. While every school year has many of the same events, it is the yearbook staff, the theme of the book, and the types of articles that are written that make the book a success or a flop.

Join the yearbook team. Come and be a part of ACS history!