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Principal's Message

Dear Community;

As another outstanding school year has closed and we embark on another, we would like to thank and acknowledge our community for their continued support and dedication to our school.  The collective work of many individuals has made this an incredible year.

Our school community embraced our Board’s theme, “Encounter”, through many different initiatives.  Hundreds of pounds of food, monetary support and community awareness were raised during school campaigns such as Halloween for Hunger, the Fair Trade Sale for Christmas (highlights for students the need to have sustainable wages and environmentally sound decision making around the economy), weekly drives for hats, mitts, jackets during the winter months, and Thinkfast. The following are a few of the organizations with which we closely work:

St. Vincent de Paul of Brant; Save A Family; Development and Peace; the Salvation Army; the Santa Clause Parade Organizing Committee; St. Andrew's Soup For The Soul; Hamilton Diocese Pro-Life Student Conference; the United Way; the Guatemala Encounter Mission Trip; Carpe Diem Social Justice; the National March For Life in Ottawa; and multiple student led campaigns in support of countries that endorse education for girls and women. Our annual Pennies from Heaven campaign raised significant funds for families in need and ACS’ “Relay for Life” has become the longest running Ontario high school initiative that has surpassed the $500 000 mark. The local soup kitchen will again be a yearlong focus for our community, and we look forward to assisting St. Vincent de Paul with their mandate.

Assumption College Prefects are dedicated to school and local community service in numerous ways. They are called to serve as student leaders who share their God given talents to improve student achievement, foster Catholic faith formation, as well as develop a safe and inclusive school.  We look forward to making this school year a better one for all.

Our Lions continue to benefit from co-curricular academic enrichment opportunities offered by L.E.A.P. (Literature Enrichment Advanced Placement),  C.W.A.Y.C (Canadian World and Youth Council), and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). These groups offer enrichment events by providing innovative and experienced guest speakers, sponsoring exciting writing contests and opportunities, and coordinating inspirational international trips just to name a few. 

ACS continues to offer a varied and comprehensive SHSM (Specialist High School Major) program. Our students can explore and master diverse academic and technical skills to earn advanced accreditation that will be essential for success in the modern workplace.

Our extracurricular programs are extensive.  Athletically, we continue to grow in our success with multiple victories and championships. We are so proud our Lions!  Please follow us on Twitter @assumptionlion to be informed of the many events happening at Assumption College.

2019-2020 marked departures for many. We would like to congratulate all who have contributed so much to this community. Our 2020 Catholic graduates have left their mark at ACS through their high academic performance, their participation in our school’s extracurricular and co-curricular activities, and through their numerous social justice endeavours.  We know they will continue to use their God given talents to make a difference in the world.  Congratulations Class of 2020.

Thanks to all for their continued support.

The Staff of Assumption College School