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Financing Your Education

Scholarship & Bursary Information Package

Where do most students find $$? At the College/University they attend. Each school has their own scholarships & awards. Some are entrance scholarships and may not require an application, others are prestigious awards that do require an application. Be sure to visit the website of the school you are interested in and check out the scholarships, bursaries and financial aid available!

The following are commonly used websites that will assist you as you research opportunities for financing your education: – Research University programs, scholarships, residence & admission requirements – Research College programs, scholarships and admission requirements  - ‘Master Encyclopedia’ regarding secondary and post-secondary education  - Applications will be available in April.  Submit by June 15th – online budget planner for post-secondary education.  Follow financial planner

Storwell Bursary - Foster Children Bursary Program

All grade 12 students can you please check your D2L page regularly for bursary and scholarship information and applications