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Student Success


Student success teachers are guidance counsellors whose focus is every student’s success. They identify and support struggling students, provide more options for learning, and monitor student progress. They work with school staff, students, parents, and the community to ensure more students earn the credits necessary to graduate.


Reaching Every Grade 9 - 12 Student

Each teenager has his or her own unique interests, goals and strengths. Every student should have the same opportunity to succeed and graduate from high school. That's why the Ontario government is working with you to improve the learning experience for Grade 9 to 12 students. We share a common goal - to help all students build a promising future for themselves.

Ontario has responded by focusing on:

  • More high-qualty course options inside and outside of the classroom;
  • More one-on-one support when students need extra help.

This is called our Student Success Strategy.

This strategy is giving educators, parents, employers, college and university partners, students and others the necesssary tools to create an engaging school experince for all teenagers.

Source: Ontario Ministry of Education