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Stem Events 2015-2016

What is STEM?

Assumption College Science and Math department initiated a committee called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) back in 2012. The purpose of STEM is to provide the student body with various opportunities to experience and learn more about the physical world in which they live from a science and math perspective. Currently we have over 200 students who have signed up and participate.

These opportunities include monthly guest speakers from a variety of disciplines, sharing of articles and journals on current topics, participation in science and mathematics competitions, and involving students in numerous hands on activities. Past speakers have included surgeons, engineers, researchers and even an astronaut.

STEM is also directly linked to our AP® (Advanced Placement) program. With AP, students register for high school courses taught at the university level in hopes of possibly earning a university credit. The most important goal of the program is to simply allow our graduates to enter a post secondary institution much better prepared for the rigorous curriculum.

To date, both the AP program and the STEM committee has been tremendously popular. The staff of Assumption is extremely proud of what we have to offer and is thrilled with the possibilities for it down the road.




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