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Advanced Placement® (AP) and Enrichment Activities in English

Assumption College School

L.E.A.P. : Literature Enrichment Advanced Placement

L.E.A.P. at Assumption College is an enrichment opportunity that challenges motivated students to pursue their love of communication, reading, writing and analysis of literature, oral communication and media studies. The varied opportunities emphasize a commitment to academic excellence. The long term goal is to hone thinking and communication skills so that students are prepared for university.

A significant secondary goal is to prepare students for the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Course and Exam. This exam takes place in second semester of the grade 12 year, which provides them with the opportunity to earn a first year university equivalency credit in English.

What is an AP (Advanced Placement) course?

 The Advanced Placement or AP program offers university-level courses and exams for secondary students. In Canada, the program is administered by the office of The College Board in Victoria, B.C. It is recognized for advanced credit in many Canadian and American universities. Please visit the website for more information.

What is Assumption College offering to my child?

  All advanced English courses, grades 9 to 11, are imbedded with enrichment modules of poetry that cover from the 16th century to contemporary poets.

 Enrichment opportunities include a Book Club, guest speakers, writing contests, opportunities to contribute to the school magazine, field trips.

 For grade 12, students register for the AP course in English 4U, for semester 1, and for ETS 4U1 AP for semester 2. The AP Exam in Literature and Composition is written in May each year. These two courses will provide the practice and preparation students need so that they can succeed on this international exam.

What are the qualities of a pre-AP or AP English student?

 Strong readers and writers

 Self-motivated learners

 High Achievers

 Strong desire to learn

For more information, contact Pamela Fergus ( or Laurence McKenna at (519) 751-2030 ext. 241

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