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Graduate Information

Please remember the deadline to RSVP is Friday, September 24, 2021 at noon.  Failure to do so will jeopardize your participation in the ceremony.  Those graduates not in attendance will be contacted AFTER the ceremony to arrange pick-up of awards.

Graduates, as per the Synervoice message sent out today, please read below to see additional details about our graduation ceremony.  You will find a detailed breakdown of the ceremony, including information about the alphabetized schedule, entry/exit of the building, and details about picking up your personalized gowns and awards.

Again, please stay tuned to further Synervoice messaging and this webpage for additional updates as the ceremony draws closer.

We look forward to celebrating with you!


Graduate Information


Congratulations Graduate!  We are so proud of all that you’ve accomplished, and on Saturday October 9th, we are very pleased to offer a Graduation Ceremony for you.   Because of COVID, this year’s grad will look very different from the past, but we still hope to make it a special event for you and your family.  Before you come on October 9th, there are some things you need to know.

  • Most of the school is off limits.  You will only come in one door (from the student parking lot, the door to the academic wing near Room 1007) and you will only leave through one door (the main student entrance).
  • We’d love it if you dressed up.  It’s a special occasion where we commemorate a major milestone in your life, so please dress to fit the event. Ideally, it would be a shirt and tie on the guys, and it looks nice if the girls also have a white shirt with a collar. 
  • We can’t have any more than two people with every grad.  We have strict limits on numbers in the school unfortunately.  No compromises.
  • We’ve had to stagger grad times because we can’t have you all in the school at the same time.


2:00-3:00 Students whose last names are from A-F

3:00-4:00 Students whose last names are from G-O

4:00-5:00 Students whose last names are from P-Z


Student Path for Graduation (teachers will be there to help with questions and issues)

** always maintain appropriate COVID protocol distancing**

  1. Enter through the First-Floor Academic wing doors from the student parking lot. 
  2. Grads go up the stairs to the 2nd floor; parents/guests go to the cafe.
  3. On the second floor, find your grad gown and your grad bag; gowns will be hanging on the lockers, in alpha order, with a cross and ACS Grad 2021 mask. Put on the gown on, the cross, and if you’d like put on the ACS Grad 2021 mask. Be sure to carry your “bag” with your diploma and any awards. In the bag is a grad program with all the awards and winners listed, a gift from the ACS Faculty and a card from Edge Imaging with information on how to purchase the professionally taken picture. 
  4. Go through the double doors in the middle of the hallway, past the Chapel and down the stairs to the cafeteria.
  5. When it’s your turn, follow the arrows, stop for a picture or two on the “red carpet” and hand the name tag (which was attached to your bag) to the teacher at the foot of the stage.
  6. When the graduate’s name is called, he/she goes up the stairs on to the stage and stands in front of the banner, facing the audience.  The MC will announce the graduate’s name and any/all the awards he/she is receiving. Guests can stand closer to the stage for picture opportunities.  Unfortunately, no guests can be up on the stage with the graduate.
  7. Once you’ve processed across the stage (Congratulations one more time- we’re so excited to see the great things you’ll do in the world) go out the doors which lead to the gym hallway (bring your parents/guests), drop off your gown, and go celebrate. Failure to properly return the gown could resist in a request to pay for the lost garment.

A Note For Parents/Guests- Once you enter with your graduate, please proceed down the hall and into the cafeteria.  It should take about 10 minutes for the graduates to get everything together, and we plan to set up an opportunity for pictures, on “the red carpet” when they enter the cafeteria, as well as when they walk the stage.  When they leave the stage please exit with them through the doors nearest the stage and be proud of all that you’ve accomplished in helping with this long journey.