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One of the many goals for our Business Team is to prepare our students to succeed in the workforce and ultimately “make money”.  Whether than means immediately after high school, students decide​ to start their own business or go directly to post ​secondary education.  We also encourage a continued path of earning a master’s degree, law degree, doctorate, or the like.  Regardless of the path chosen, our students need to be financially responsible. 

Our team of Business Teachers are passionate to teach the skills that will help them get an advantage over others.  What skills?  Skills like basic and advanced accounting – determining whether your income is exceeding your expenses, finding ways to make more profit, exploring the software tools available to aid in proper reporting for taxes.  Skills like basic technology – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, OneNote are powerful programs used in everyday business. 

Our students can receive certifications in many of these programs and earn accreditation towards a Specialist High Skill Major in Business Studies.  This is a designation that is highly recognized by post secondary institutions in Ontario.  Skills like “Business Leadership”, where students learn how to be a leader amongst their peers.  This includes learning how to lead in the corporate world, how to supervise effectively and how to best develop and manage a team, as well as many other important leadership qualities.  These are some of the programs and opportunities our Business Studies program has to offer.  For now, just watch our video so we can show you a little more about our focus! 

Course Description

Grade 9, Introduction to Information Technology in Business (Open) BTT1O

This course introduces students to information and communication technology in a business environment and builds a foundation of digital literacy skills necessary for success in a technologically driven society. Students will develop word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, presentation software, and website design skills. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on digital literacy, effective electronic research and communication skills, and current issues related to the impact of information and communication technology.

In this course students will:

  • Develop skills useful for students seeking to be successful in high school
  • Learn proper keyboarding skills and positioning
  • Learn how to format and create impressive documents in Microsoft Word
  • Learn how to format and create outstanding spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel
  • Learn how to format and create visually interesting presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

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