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Exams 2024

Final Exams

2024 Semester 2 Final Exams


Period 1 exam - June 17
Period 2 exam - June 18
Period 3 exam - June 19
Period 4 exam - June 20

Grad Rehearsal – June 26

Graduation – June 27


Period 1 exam - June 21
Period 2 exam - June 24
Period 3 exam - June 25
Period 4 exam - June 26

Bus transportation is provided on exam days.
Students only attend school on exam days if they are writing an exam.


Exam Tips

1. Get all the support that you can over the next three weeks.

Your family and friends can provide you with the emotional support to sustain you through the next three weeks. Your teachers will usually be available throughout the entire exam period to deal with any problem.


2. Learn to manage your stress levels.

Talking honestly to those that you trust about how you are feeling helps to reduce stress. Simple breathing techniques, to help your body relax, also reduce stress. Physical exercise in the form of a brisk walk, a run or a swim can burn up excess stress.


3. Plan your study timetable, working back from your final paper.

By now you will have processed a large number of possible questions, for all of your forthcoming exam papers. You need to organize them backwards, starting from your last examination, identifying the periods of time that you have available to you, before each examination paper, to review your notes and sample answers. When you have completed this process back to today, you will have a clear picture of how you are going to use every hour available to you, to ensure that all sections of every paper have an identified time slot for final revision. Undertaking this simple process will give you back a sense of control and will greatly reduce excess stress.


4. Remain sharp and alert until the exams are over.

To achieve optimum performance you must maintain a disciplined approach, by sustaining a well-balanced study routine, eating regular and healthy meals, going to bed before 11pm each night and relaxing for at least an hour before you do, so that your sleep is restful.


5. Review what you need each day – before leaving home.

A simple check is always advisable as different papers may require you to have different instruments and materials.  Also check your other daily requirements, such as fluids, other forms of nourishment, bus schedules etc. You may also wish to take a set of revision cards with you to review on your journey to your exam but remember to leave them aside before your enter the examination centre.