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Congratulations on being chosen as an athlete representing Assumption College School! You should feel honoured and proud. As a representative of our school, there are some guidelines to follow:

1. Academics are your first concern. When missing class due to competition you are responsible for checking with teachers and completing missed work on time. Do not allow your involvement in athletics to have a detrimental effect on your class work.

2. Punctual and regular attendance at practices and games is mandatory – you owe it to your coach(es), your teammates and yourself.

3. In order to participate on a specific game day, players must be in attendance at school for all classes. Players must participate fully in Physical Education classes on game days.

4. Dismissal from class for games (meets) will vary from team to team. Your coaches will notify you of your team’s dismissal times for all games at the beginning of the season. Please be quiet when in the hallways, as classes may still be in progress.

5. Your complete team uniform will be worn for (and only for) all games (meets).

6. Uniforms will be signed out through the School Team uniform shop, via your coach. Each uniform will require a deposit. This will be returned when, at your season’s end, your uniform is returned on time, clean and in good repair. Failure to do so will result in your deposit being withheld. Your uniform is your responsibility. Players will be charged replacement costs for lost or damaged uniforms. Please note: If for whatever reason an athlete leaves or is dismissed from a team in midseason, their uniform must be returned immediately.

7. Consumption of alcohol or drugs is forbidden at any time on any school premises or at any school sponsored event, including weekend tournaments.

8. Smoking is a serious health hazard! Players are expected to refrain from smoking.

9. One of the goals of the athletic department is to instill important life values such as commitment and perseverance. It is unfair to teammates and coaches to leave a team in mid-season. It is also unfair to aspiring players who have failed to earn a place on that team. Normally, athletes that quit or are removed from a team will be ineligible to play on any school team for the period of one calendar year. An exception to this general rule can be made if the coach, athletic director, player and parents reach a mutual agreement that the departure of the player is in the best interest of all concerned.

10. Exemplary behavior in our school community and when outside the school setting is essential. Let us set the standard by which others wish to be measured. The Assumption College School Lions has developed a rich and proud tradition, which we expect you will carry on with PRIDE.

11. Athletes are “Ambassadors” of Assumption College School especially with respect to their attendance, academic achievement and promotion of gospel values. In particular, ACS athletes acknowledge and abide by the core value of the inherent dignity of all regardless of one’s capacity and skill to achieve. ACS coaches and athletes endorse, practice and accept accountability to promote a safe and welcoming climate where any attempts to bully or harass another will not be tolerated.