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Advanced Placement (AP)



The AP program consists of a number of enrichment courses and related examinations. These courses compare to University courses and therefore are rigorous and challenging. The AP program is an internationally recognized standard of academic excellence. Successful students may be granted advanced placement or credit at universities.

The Benefit of AP Courses:

Gain the Edge in University Preparation!

  • Get a head start on the caliber of work presented at university
  • Improve writing skills and sharpen problem-solving techniques
  • Develop the study habits necessary for tackling rigorous coursework 
  • Emphasize commitment to academic excellence
  • Demonstrate maturity and readiness for University
  • Enhance personal information on university applications

Broaden Intellectual Horizons!

  • Explore the world from a variety of perspectives
  • Study subjects in greater depth and detail
  • Further skills in reasoning and analysis
  • Enhance comprehension and understanding of concepts    


Science, Engineering, Technology and Math- STEM

In 2012, Assumption College High School’s Science and Math departments initiated a new extra-curricular committee called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). The purpose of STEM was to provide the student body with opportunities to experience and learn more about the physical world in which they live. STEM is also directly linked to our AP (Advanced Placement) program. With AP, students register for high school courses taught at the university level in hopes of allowing our graduates to enter a post secondary institution better prepared for the rigorous task ahead.

Over the years, some of the opportunities provided by STEM have included: monthly guest speakers from a variety of disciplines, providing articles and journals on current topics, encouraging students to enter science and mathematic competitions, participation in numerous hands on activities and travelling for the interest of learning more about STEM topics. Our students have been blessed by the response of scientific community and have heard from doctors, engineers, researchers and astronauts. They have travelled locally to Toronto, Waterloo, and Sudbury, as well as internationally to Spain, Costa Rica and Germany & Switzerland.

The committee is currently made up of over 250 students, from grades 9 through 12, who have signed up and participate in the events throughout the school year. To date, both the AP program and the STEM committee has been tremendously popular and have received positive comments from students and parents alike. The staff at Assumption is extremely proud of what we have to offer and are thrilled with the possibilities down the road.

Over 75 Guest Presenters including …

  • Damian Pope – Theoretical Physics – Perimeter Institute
  • Jeremy Hansen – Astronaut – Canadian Space Agency
  • Douglas Millar – Cancer Research – Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Martin Laforest – Quantum Computing – Waterloo University
  • Sharon Beals – Food Safety – Maple Leaf Foods
  • Augusto Martello – Aerospace engineer – UTC Aerospace Systems
  • Dr. James Dill & Krista DuChene – Orthopaedic Sugeon & Olympic Marathoner
  • Andrew McEachern – Mathematics – Queen’s University
  • Joanne O’Meara – Biomedical technology – Guelph University
  • Emily Calandrelli – Space Exploration – Netflix science show host (Emily’s Wonder Lab)
  • Chris Jillings – Dark Matter – SnoLab
  • Maria DeRosa – Nanotechnology – Carleton University
  • Sarah Gallagher – Black Holes – Western University
  • Dr. Devereaux – Head of Cardiology – McMaster University
  • Rebekah Jacques – Forensic Sciences – Western University
  • Kevin Stelzer – Architect - Enform
  • Amanda Clifford – Material Science – University of British Columbia
  • Shamus Allen – Science of Flight – Canadian Armed Forces (Snowbird Pilot)
  • Glenn Stellar – NASA Engineer – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Bruce Tunicliffe – Environmental Engineer – Vertex Environmental Inc.
  • Michael Emmett – Chemist – Apotex Pharmaceuticals
  • Mathieu Seyfrid & David Bekshinyan – Cancer Research – McMaster University
  • Melicki Haddad – African Wildlife- Moving on African Grounds Tour Company
  • April Bernard – Viruses – Indiana State University
  • Bernie Fitzpatrick – Nuclear Fusion – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Several Local and International Field trips:

  • Spain – Science and Innovation Summit – 2015
  • Sudbury – Science Center, Laurentian University & Mines – 2016
  • Costa Rica – Lessons in Tropical Research - 2017
  • German & Switzerland – Exploring Innovation, Technology & Sustainability in Europe - 2019
  • STEM Road Trip – Waterloo University Workshops, Wind Tunnels & Observatory at Western University - 2019
  • Panama – Exploring Science in Panama - 2021 (cancelled due to covid)​

Workshops, Conferences & Hands-On Activities

  • Let’s Talk Science Road Show – 2013
  • Coding – 2015/2017/2019
  • Evening of STEM Workshops -Keynote Speaker Electra Eleftheriadou –  2015
  • Evening of STEM Workshops –Keynote Speaker Eugenia Duodu – 2016
  • Power of Ideas & McMasters Innovation park – 2018
  • 2020 Vision of the Future Conference – 2020
  • Women in Science Symposium – Perimeter Institute – annually
  • Discovery Days in Health Sciences – Western & McMaster Universities – annually
  • STEM Olympics – annually
  • Chris Hadfield - 2016
  • Jane Goodall - 2018