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SHSM Trip to Niagara College

Communications Students visited the Media Studies Department at Niagara College, in Welland on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The SHSM (Specialist High School Major - Communication Focus) were divided into 2 sessions;

1. New Media

Assembling a Mobile App Component

Participants in this hands-on workshop will be guided through the steps of putting together a simple interactive animated component that could be made a part of a more complex mobile app, such as a game or a simulator. We will layout the interface, create animations, activate interactive controls and generate the HTML5/CSS/JavaScript code using Adobe Edge Animate.

2. Broadcasting

Participants will be working as a team to produce a short entertainment piece for radio that will be shot for television as well, using a multi-camera set-up.  Half of the group will be delivering and ad-libbing around a prepared script while the other half produces the visuals.  When that production ends, we'll do it all over again with the roles reversed.  All In 45 minutes, and… you leave with a digital copy of your work!

To see their work click on the 2 videos;

Video 1

Video 2