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Shape Process Automation Trip

The SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) - Information and Communications Technology, and the Computer Engineering Class visited Shape Process Automation in Burlington in the morning on Thursday November 25, 2021.

Shape Process Automation is a high-tech engineering and process automation provider. They provide Laser, Waterjet Cutting, Router, Material Handling, Robotics, Automation, & Testing

The tour was conducted by Mr. Haddad, Vice President of the company. The company was setting up a huge assembly line which was going to make a toolbox. We started in Engineering, Wiring of the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) Racks, Robots which picked up 20-pound sheets of metal and placed it into large hydraulic press, down a conveyor line to welding robot station.

In another section of the company there was a robot drilling over 3000 holes in plastic containers which will hold food that will used in High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization technique by which products, already sealed in its final package, are introduced into a vessel, and subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure (87,000psi) transmitted by water.

Students were impressed by the scale of all the Automation Processes, and all the different careers involved in creating these systems.