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Pathways to Work for Women Event

On Tuesday November 10th, 2015, the Co-op/OYAP Dept. organized an annual Pathways to Work for Women Event,   held in the ACS Library.  There were 45 grade 10 girls in attendance.  These students had the opportunity to speak with 11 women in different careers, all of whom are ACS graduates.  The careers included: firefighter, registered insurance broker, welding apprentice, crime analyst, child development practitioner, chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, flight attendant, TD customer service representative, truck and coach tech, and vet tech.  The speakers discussed their journey in choosing a career, giving advice to students who are trying to get started on their own career path .  We hope that today’s event helped these students move a little closer to choosing the career that will bring them success in their life.  Thank you to everyone involved!