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Lorik Tool & Automation Trip

The SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) - Information and Communications Technology, and the Computer Engineering Class visited Lorik Tool & Automation Inc. in Brantford in the afternoon on Thursday November 25, 2021.

Lorik Tool & Automation is a customized automated assembly and solutions manufacturer that uses the latest technology to design and build innovative new equipment.

The tour was conducted by Mr. Bohner, Vice President of the company. Students saw dozens of different assembly systems, going to different countries across the world. One process system was putting together a suspension system every 27 seconds. Another system was using several robots to assemble an oil cooling system. Another system could assemble thousands of soap dispensing pumps a day. Many, many more assembly systems were at different stages of completion at Lorik.

Mr. Bohner stressed to the students the importance of Post-Secondary Education in the future. Students were impressed by the level of detail involved in each of the systems.