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Used Uniform Items

Used ACS Uniforms Items Wanted .   Enter for a chance to win $150 in gift cards.  Bring in more than 2 uniform items and for each piece you will receive a ticket for a draw to win $150 cash.   We expect and appreciate that, unforms to be in good condition, preferably washed, grad students to bring all that you own , grade 9 - 11 students to bring any outgrown items.   To enter uniforms wil be collected in TLC and tickets given on the last day of grade 12 exams June 21st.    Draw takes place June 22nd.


Grade 9-11 Exams

Grade 9-11 Exams run from June 22 to June 27

Grade 12 Exams

Grade 12 Exams run from June 18 to June 21, 2018